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Mensari brings enterprise-grade accounting to crypto. Built keeping both crypto-native and hybrid organisations in mind, we allow our customers to tap into crypto without incurring crippling accounting and compliance costs.


Mensari is built to be chain-agnostic, and we are continuously adding support for new chains and tokens. 

Cost Accounting

We support multiple cost-basis methods, to help you comply with regulatory requirements. With integrations with multiple data providers we can provide accurate and reliable data. 


Get a real-time view of your portfolio balances including the un-realised gain/loss. We support NFTs and integrate with DeFi protocols as well, so you can stay-up to date with all of your web3 activities. We automate income accruals and loss-harvesting. 


We have built our own double-entry accounting ledgers that are fully configurable. We enable organizations to run financial statements including trial balances, balance sheets, income statements and cash-flow statements at a single click, without relying on legacy integrations. 


We integrate with exchanges, DeFi protocols, data providers, infrastructure providers and more. On top of that we also provide APIs to link into any other applications that you may be using as part of your finance-stack. 


Audit Trail

We log and register every action within the system and you can run an audit log whenever needed. From log-in information to system actions everything is tracked within Mensari. We also provide user management including user permissions, adding extra security to our system. 

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