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Crypto accounting, made simple.

Finally, a web3-native accounting system built for enterprise.

Bring together all of your crypto and DeFi activity in one place, configure accounting rules and generate financial reports in a single click.

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How it Works

Simply configure your accounting rules and add your wallets, Mensari will do the rest.

We support non-custodial and custodial wallets, with new integrations being continuously being added.

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Stay  Compliant


Smart Bookkeeping

Why Mensari

Mensari simplifies crypto-accounting, so you can focus on your core activities.

Easy setup

Set it up once, and you're good to go. 

Add your wallets, and configure accounting rules and ledger settings. Once set-up our system automatically pulls on-chain transactions and prices them. You can set-up auto-classification rules to automate bookkeeping. 

Audit ready

Transparency behind every action and data-point. 

Built to the highest security and compliance standards, keeping both our customers and their accountants in mind. Full audit logs are maintained, saving you time and money on end of year audits. 


Designed to adapt to your needs. 

Whether you follow US GAAP or IFRS you can configure the system to your needs. We support different base currencies and accounting methods, and our ledgers can be fully customised to your needs. 


From API integrations to powerful analytics - Mensari has it all.

Bring transparency and accountability to your crypto operations,


The latest from Mensari

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